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Mobile Applications

Is there an app for what you do? Whether you need an app for your customers, clients, or employees, Preflight Technologies can help create iOS and Android app solutions.

Apps for your Clients or Consumers

If your clients or sonsumers need to be able to access their account information on the go, Preflight Technologies can design easy-to-use apps. Provide quick access and secure connections through biometrics like Apple's FaceID. Allow customers to make payments for purchases or to pay invoices through ACH transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, and more.

Apps for your Employees

From simple time-tracking apps to more complex inventory management apps, Preflight Technologies has the experience needed to help your company build the right app for your team. With GPS, biometrics, RFID, Augmented Reality, and so many other new technologies available, we can build the right tools for your team to cut expenses, and get your people focused on what they do best.

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Our Standard Framework

React Native

Applications for iOS and Android

React Native allows Preflight Technologies to quickly devlop apps for both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms.