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"We'll have to work around it."

Are you struggling to get your software to work just the way you want? Are you frustrated with how much effort it takes to accomplish simple tasks? Is running your business getting in the way of your business? We get it.

At the birth of a small business, it's more about the product or service than the process. Once that business starts selling more and adding more people, the way the company accomplished things becomes unrepeatable. The leadership begins looking for solutions that meet their new process-driven goals. But, every solution they find is either too expensive or doesn't work they way they need. At some point someone says, "This is our best option. It has a lot of problems, we'll just have to work around it." Sound familiar?

How much will "dealing with the problems" cost?

Every time an employee has to do something more than the task actually requires, it costs you money. Have you ever thought about how much those seconds, minutes, or even hours add up to? It's time to find a solution that is as unique as your business.

Build software around your business

Your software should support your Processes

Imagine walking into your office, warehouse, or store and seeing your employees engaged with each other and your customers. Their focus isn't data entry or finding work-arounds, instead, it's about solving the problems that your customers are facing. That's what happens when you build software that supports your processes.

The Preflight Process

  1. Our process starts with People. We work with you and your team to understand what the needs are.
  2. Then we do the work. We believe that to program something, we need to understand what is actually happening. We come along side you and your team and we perform the tasks so that we can understand each objective along the way.
  3. We look for excuses. What are the excuses that keep your people from meeting their goals? Once we understand them, we develop software that removes those excuses.
  4. Our last step before development is design. We show you what we're thinking, and that can include process changes for your company. Our goal is to create effeciencies where we can.
  5. Once you approve it, we build it.
  6. Testing is our final step before you get to start your new, easier life at work.

Spend less time
in front of a computer,

and more time
with your clients.

Custom Software is an Investment in Your Future

Is custom software worth the investment?

Custom software tends to be a short-term "loss" (from a financial perspective only), but a long-term gain. When looking at cash-flow, custom software requires a lot of it. But, with research and development tax credits and the benefit of amortizing your capital investment, your balance sheet and profit and loss statements really turn out nice. The short-term "loss" is also quickly replaced by better effiecency and access to better data, which means better reports. Custom software is not for everyone, but it is for those who are looking to grow, create more repeatable procceses, and who want to invest more quality into their businesses.

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