Objective-Based Development

The Preflight Process

It's about being
more than agile.

Never lose sight.

Never lose sight of the objective.

People we talk with often say things like, "We defined a project and by the time we got the final product, it was totally different than what we wanted." The Agile process breaks development into little pieces. These tasks, or stories, get worked on by a number of team members, often with no real connection between them. This process can result in multiple sprints wasted on refactoring or change requests to get to the original goal. Even worse, you may just have to live with what was created.

When flying, a well-trained pilot uses their instruments to find a runway they cannot see. In the same way, we keep the objective in front of us at all times so that we can navigate the storm of development and still find the runway.

To understand your needs, we start by learning your processes. We believe that if we understand why you do the things you do, we will better understand how you need to accomplish your goals. Once we understand why, we work with you to build the proper objective for each project.

Clear Projects with a Clear Objective

Building Projects

After we have worked along side you and your team, we build out all of the projects that it will take to complete the software you are looking for. Sometimes we build just a few projects and other times there can be hundreds. We will write out a clear objective for each project, and then write out all of the details which could include wireframes, calculations, flow charts, or any other method to make sure we're on the same page.

A clear understanding.

Once we have created a project, we invite you and your team to review it and add comments. We will make changes to the objective and the projects details as needed. We do not start development until you approve the project, which allows us to make sure we have a clear understanding of what you need.

Clear Objectives create
better programs.

Knowing What is ahead keeps us on course.

We are always looking ahead
to see potential problems.

We let you help navigate the course.

With Altitude, our Project Management System, you can see where we are on our journey. As partners, our goal is to look ahead and see if we have any potential problems in front of us. If we find that we do, we can adjust course easily.

With your access, you can see how much time we estimate things will take, due dates, and how much time we've spent on any one project or task. We make it easy to understand what's going on with your project. It also allows you to tell us if we're focused on the wrong parts of the project.

And, with Altitude, you can submit change requests and trouble tickets and follow along with their progress. We make it easy for you to be in control of your software.

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